About Me

Hi and welcome to Veganolicious. My name is Gianluca Mangiafico and I’m very grateful to you for giving me the chance to share my Vegan Journey. It’s a story of happiness and compassion, follow me.

My Story

It was 2014 and for working reasons I was spending an entire year as expat in London, UK. One night I came back home after a long working day and prepared a dish of ham and french fries.

I sat at the dining table and I opened YouTube on my iPad to watch some stand-up comedians while mindlessly phagocytizing my meal, as usual. After 10 hilarious minutes of Amy Schumer I saw in the “suggestions” bar of YouTube the video that changed my view of the world forever.

The title was pretentious and caught my attention. It was called “The Most Important Speech You Will Ever Hear” by the great activist Gary Yourofsky. He retired from the scenes now, but to him will always go my gratitude and appreciation for having awakened my life to my real mission.

Boy, was the title spot on! I didn’t know anything about the cruelty of animal farming, fishing and the harm we were doing to all those animal lives. Yes, of course I heard at that time that we should eat less meat, but I had no clue about the whole picture.

The Power Of Information

We live in these amazing times when any knowledge can be learned almost instantly. So I began reading. I looked for any information available. I watched in one shot the famous documentary Earthlings and that was the coup de grace for me. From the morning after I never ate animal products nor used any product that comes from them.

I started a beautiful journey that brings me joy every day and that uncovered many secret carefully hidden by the multinationals and the media for reasons that are intentional and deliberate and that through this site I try to reveal and bring to light so that you can make an informed and conscious choice about you and your environment.

Why Veganolicious?

Through this site, my goal is to prove to you and anyone I can reach that you can eat with satisfaction all the dishes you like without having to kill or exploit any animal. I do it through delicious recipes that I have personally experienced and spreading the knowledge of animal rights. Only knowledge makes you truly free, my dear reader.

My Goal

Through veganolicious.com I want to give you access to a world of health and compassion from your table. I would like to guide you in discovering the true variety of food that can only come from a complete plant based diet. My recipes are and will always be simple to prepare and complete from a nutritional point of view. They will also never be expensive. Because nature and health must never be to the benefit of the few.

If you have any question feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to reply.

To your journey,

~~ Gianluca ~~


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