how to teach veganism to kids

How To Teach Veganism To Kids The Right Way

You wonder how to teach veganism to kids in general, or even better, to your own? Nonetheless, human beings are still taught to consume milk from a cow as grownups. Not actually something that is written in our DNA is it? It’s something we have likely taught ourselves to do or been taught to. We have actually forced modification upon our DNA and our bodies, and we altered who human beings were expected to be. This because before the vegan revolution no one ever even thought to question the food establishment, let alone tradition that go back thousands of years such as animal farming.

The future is theirs

Kids are our future and we have to ensure that we help them mature to be kind and caring individuals. The only method to be certain that this takes place is to be an example of a caring and kind individual yourself. Are you?

Our kids may or may not be vegan when they become adult, however rest assured that when they will be old enough to purchase food on their own they will remember their auntie or uncle that looked after them and especially their behavior and they will see the meat industry in the food chain for what really is. Murder.

The world hasn’t damaged them yet. Especially when they are young they are still naive of how awful the world can be, unlike grownups.

how to teach veganism to kidsNature belongs to Nature

Start to talk with them in form of a discussion. For instance from the fact that animals in nature do not reside in cages and consume food that is provided to them. Instead, they run and hunt, they look after themselves, however adults seem to not understand that. They don’t get that zoos are just jails for animals.

Animals instead are held in cages and place on parade for our enjoyment and amusement. They are drawn from the wild and put in cages FOR us and BY us, not for their advantage, but for OUR advantage.

We go on day by day blindly consuming animal flesh with bones and blood altogether, while we should realize that if it was natural for us to consume an animal we would not have to roast its flesh.

Use positively their age. A kid does not desire to eliminate a chicken or a pig. They have not even in their imagination the concept of killing an animal or eating its flesh. Indeed it’s not how to teach veganism to kids the right concern, but how to keep them vegans. They were born that way. We all did, before culture and parents started to indoctrinate us with nonsense like drink milk for calcium and so on. Now, there may be kids that grow up in a vegan household and they discover themselves having no empathy at all towards other animals, everything can happen. But the real truth is that every kid borne Vegan.

Vegan by Nature, Killers by culture

A kid is not yearning blood and flesh of other animals, they crave their mom’s milk, which is likewise what child calves drink to grow, their mom cow’s milk. Have you ever seen a grown cow drinking milk from another cow? I trust you have not, it’s not possible and it’s not natural.

Sure there are kids that murder spiders, however it’s not inherently like them. Hey, there may be a single one in a million probability that somebody is born a psychopath but put your child in front of an apple and a bunny and ask him or her which one is to be eaten and which one is to play with. I guess you know the reply.

Do your part and teach veganism to kids

how to teach veganism to kids
how to teach veganism to kids

My sibling is not a vegan and she raises her child to consume animal products. However, my niece states to love pigs very often and whenever we are together I make sure that she is informed that pigs are tidy and extremely smart beings. I share with them my story too. If their moms and dads are not a terrific example of somebody who is caring and thoughtful towards animals, make sure that you are. You can be an example of somebody who deals with animals with regard and love, you can often motivate somebody else to go vegan.

We understand that nowadays kids mature really quickly, so let’s ensure they turn into good individuals and not lost ones. Progress is good, however what is much better is looking after each other, so let’s show hot to look after animals and let the kids discover us doing it as it was natural for them from the beginning.

Be the example they need, not the one they want

Kids can be really caring beings if we let them, however generally, we condition them from an early age to consume other animals and abuse them for entertainment. We take kids with us to hunt and murder; we fish with them and tell them that consuming their fellow animals is fine since their bodies are implied for our usage.

They see us eliminate pests and bugs, discuss eliminating and prevailing over other animals, we take them to zoos and marine museums with the reason to teach them about other animals and how they live. In truth, we are doing the reverse; we are taking them as far away as possible from the genuine lives of these lovely animals.

But tigers and lions?

We are not born with an impulse to slay somebody out of satisfaction. Tigers and lions are born with a desire to slay and it’s due to the fact that they are lions and tigers, not human beings. We know how to grow veggies and fruit which have all the nutrients we need. We have to because we know how. Tiger and Lions don’t.

Kids observe grownups and gain from them, so be somebody that is caring and kind. Make sure that you are the example they need, in case their moms and dads are not a good one. The example of somebody who is caring and thoughtful towards animals. Being an example of somebody who deals with animals with regard and love, you can often motivate somebody else to go vegan. I know because I did. Veganism for someone is an intellectual exercise, for someone else is a heart matter.

Whatever is your background you can make the difference because kids are truly our future, as cheesy as it may sound. They will look at us with admiration for many years and we have to show them that a world where no animal is harmed is a better one for them.

Do you have kids? Did you think to talk about Veganism to them? if you ever wondered how to teach veganism to kids, let me know your questions and doubts in the comments, I’ll reply personally to all of them.

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