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Why You Should Be Vegan. A Beginners guide.

Allow me to tell you why you should be vegan. I’m sure you’re already on the defensive side and I imagine your answers. Who are you to tell me what to eat? Why don’t you vegans leave freedom of choice to others? Or my favorite: here’s another Nazi Vegan.

I know your answers because I’ve heard them for years, and yet, though unconsciously, you’re aware of them being wrong. However, I’d like to have your attention a little longer to let me refute the basis of some of them, anyway.

Let’s start with who I am to tell you why you should be vegan.

My name is John and here you can read my story, but the point is that I’ve been promoting a plant based diet for four years now, with extreme conviction.

Firstly because being now more than 40 years old I feel stronger and healthier than when I was 30. This is only thanks to my renewed diet. Secondly because as Einstein said, maybe misquoted like the majority of his quotes, “a mind that got expanded to a new knowledge can no longer return to its original dimensions”.

This is exactly what happened to me. The veil before my eyes fell. A veil that hid from me a world of suffering, death and exploitation at the expense of the most innocent, harmless and defenseless beings in the world. The animals.

You can’t say that you love animals and eat them.

Kinda obvious, right? yet I had always called myself an animal lover, even with a plate full of pork ribs in front of me.why you should be vegan

How can you say you love one thing and be totally indifferent to its suffering?

Let’s say we professed ourselves lovers of Indonesia. Would we be able to endure the massacre of its inhabitants and the uncontrolled exploitation of its resources, making it a deserted and sick land? I don’t think so.

Yet 90% of the people next to you will not have the slightest doubt in telling you that they are animal lovers, while they eat a hamburger or a hot dog. Are they all evil double faces? Absolutely not. But they are all victims of the same cognitive bias.

The worst of the cognitive bias. Detachment from reality

Have you ever noticed how the names given to the meat you eat have nothing to do with the animal they come from? That’s how you get a loin cut instead of piece of calf stolen from his mum. You get a beef steak instead of a cow muscle. And you get a sausage instead of pork entrails.

Why so? For a very venial reason. Because, if not everyone, the majority of people when really aware of the industrial process that brings food into their plates, would eat something totally different.

This is because the meat and dairy industry invests millions in misinformation. That’s why on the packs of sausages you see a cartoon pig with a hat that winks happily, not the real one shot with a nail in the skull and then hang upside down with the throat slit to let all the blood out, that otherwise would make the meat run inedible. Different scene isn’t it? And on a famous brand of milk where you see a happy cow (always stylized cartoon) who eats a little flower still smiling, not the real one who is forcibly impregnated and then deprived of her baby so that she can get pregnant again and thus always have swollen breasts.

You are what you eat

Are you familiar with this saying? It’s only partially true, of course. You’re much more than that, but still, it’s true nonetheless.

If you eat an apple, that apple inside you, through the digestive process, becomes you, doesn’t it? If you eat a crispy mixed salad, this salad will break down in its components through your intestine, to become part of you while feeding you, do we agree on this?

Now let’s turn to you ingesting a piece of veal, which comes from the body of a little one who, without having had the chance to live his life and without the love of its mom, has known only loneliness, cold and then a cruel death. And this comes after hours of fear in the slaughterhouse, where he smelled the blood of his brothers before his time came, all the way through.

That piece of calf brings with it all these emotions at an atomic level and you, eating it, are assimilating fear pain and sadness.

Do you understand why the world is going where it is going now? Wouldn’t you like to eat food that is alive, elementary and full of energy, instead?

Veganism is not a diet, it’s a choice

Despite what you’ve read so far, believe me, my intent is certainly not to point my finger at those who are not vegan. I wasn’t either until 5 years ago.

I only wish to help you, and anyone who I’m able to reach, why you should be vegan and eat better and in a more mindful, compassionate way, while at the same time helping the planet, which is the only one we have.

To do this I will publish an infinite number of healthy and animal free recipes, because that’s what I’m passionate about.

why you should be vegan

Along with this I’ll write and engage the audience with articles on the vegan world that are only meant to make you think. Because see, you can change your mind with someone’s help, but most of the changes happen when you decide by yourself that is time to do it.

Even my own change happened at my will, but do you have any idea how many times I heard or read somewhere that becoming vegan was a sensible choice? Countless. And though one may think that I ignored all those instances, I clearly internalized them instead. Metabolized them until the point that they slowly became part of me. Until one night I said: Enough! I choose to be vegan.

Nothing would make happier that hearing this from you too. Until then though, keep on visit these pages and let me know what you think in the comments below. I make sure to reply to all of them, always.

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